There's nothing
just about menthol.

For decades, the tobacco industry has aggressively marketed menthol-flavored products to specific communities, leading to disproportionate rates of death and disease in these groups.

Menthol is not just a flavor.

Menthol-flavored tobacco products are smoother and better tasting, making it easier to start smoking and harder for to quit. Menthol is not JUST a flavor, it's a way for Big Tobacco to attract and addict new smokers and there's nothing JUST about it.

Learn more about the impact of Big Tobacco's manipulative tactics on our communities and how you can take action to help end this injustice.

A young Black American looking concerned about aggressive tobacco marketing that targets the Black community.


Since the 1950s, the tobacco industry has been aggressively marketing menthol-flavored cigarettes to Black Americans and has resulted in Black smokers.

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The tobacco industry views today's teens as tomorrow's customers, using menthol-flavored products to attract and addict us – and it's working. More than half of youth (ages 12-17) who smoke use menthol cigarettes.

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A group of teens contemplating menthol's impact on our youth.

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We agree that there is nothing just about menthol. And it's time to end this injustice.

To Quit Smoking

New York State Smokers' QuitLine is a free and confidential service, providing effective services to New York State residents who want to stop tobacco use. This includes motivational coaching; free nicotine patches; an online smoke-free community; and educational fact sheets, materials and videos.

Additional educational tools and cessation resources for healthcare providers, employers, educators and others are also available at

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